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Traditional and Western medicine need not clash

The Beijing Declaration on Traditional Medicine is released and WHO Director Margaret Chan declares: “The two systems of traditional and Western medicine need not clash. Within the context of primary health care, they can blend together in a beneficial harmony, using the best features of each system, and compensating for certain weaknesses in each”.

OHO's First Volunteer

OHO’s first volunteer, Naomi Abeshouse, is formally employed by STARTTS in her ongoing treatment of torture and trauma survivors with Acupuncture in recognition of the value of this initiative.

Holistic Primary Health Care

The Holistic Primary Health Care model is formally defined by OHO to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration. It draws upon all of the major international declarations of the 20th century, but specifically integrates the UDHR, Alma Ata, Earth Charter and Beijing Declaration. The document presents a vision of the ‘interdependence of […]

Barefoot Doctors Project now OHO

The Barefoot Doctors Project is officially renamed One Health Organisation to integrate orthodox and alternative medical practices in a comprehensive approach to primary health care.

OHO Projects initiated

Further OHO projects are initiated for asylum seekers, homeless persons, youth in crisis, women in shelter and refugees, all featuring holistic approaches to primary health care.