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OHO launched!

One Health Organisation (OHO) is launched in Sydney Australia under the title of ‘The Barefoot Doctors Project’ with the opening of an acupuncture project for torture and trauma survivors.

The Earth Charter Completed, Approved

The Earth Charter is completed and approved by UNESCO in March 2000 stating “that the goals of ecological protection, the eradication of poverty, equitable economic development, respect for human rights, democracy, and peace are interdependent and indivisible”.

Sustainable Development addressed

The United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development begins addressing the issue of sustainable development, but is then taken on as an independent civil society movement by the Earth Charter Commission.

Conference held for disturbing signs population issues

A Rockefeller Conference is held to address “disturbing signs of declining interest in population issues” and is attended by a small list of elite delegates headed by industry leaders such as the President of the Ford Foundation, and the President of the World Bank and former Secretary for US Defence, Robert McNamara. The Selective Primary […]

Alma Ata Declaration establishes the Primary Health Care model

The Alma Ata Declaration establishes the Primary Health Care model. Over 3000 delegates from 134 nations and 67 International NGO’s made this the biggest convergence of world leaders in history. It radically redefines healthcare by emphasising education, nutrition, sanitation and a community-centric approach that is in stark contrast to the models that emerged from the […]

After The Barefoot Doctors Success

Following on from the success of The Barefoot Doctors initiative, the Chinese Delegate to the UN recommends a conference to discuss new approaches to public health. Alma Ata is eventually chosen as the site for the conference as a half way point between Russia and America.

Structures of Public Health are Crumbling

The president of WHO Mr M. Mahler controversially states in his public address that “The scientific and technological structures of public health are crumbling”. OHO’s founder, Jimi Wollumbin, is born shortly after and applauds Mahler’s bold and honest appraisal of the dominant healthcare model!

A joint WHO–UNICEF report

A joint WHO–UNICEF report titled ‘Alternative Approaches to Meeting Basic Health Needs in Developing Countries’ is published addressing the perceived problems with the current approaches, thus paving the way for the primary health care movement.