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Barefoot Doctors Program in Chinese Healthcare

The barefoot doctors program becomes officially integrated into the Chinese national healthcare policy under the official title of the ‘rural cooperative medical systems’. It forms the basis of much of the inspiration for the Primary Health Care model through its horizontal approach to community health and an emphasis on education and public hygiene.

Not Medicine, but Better Standards

Respected British Professor of Social medicine, Thomas McKeown, argues that the overall health of England’s population had been largely un-effected by medicine as the decreased death rates recorded were simply due to better standards of living and increased nutrition.

The Flexner Report is published

The Flexner Report is published in the United States and by redefining educational norms becomes, according to most historians of medicine, the single most influential document on the practice of medicine in the 20th century. It ushers in the current healthcare focus on laboratory research into cellular pathology whilst de-emphasising the social function of medicine, […]