Whether it be sustainable architecture roofing material for healthcare facilities in India, flight tickets for Australian Nutritionists to fly to an orphanage in Burma, or bush tucker gardens for indigenous Australia kids to learn about health in a cultural context – The Happy Herb Company (HHC) is consistently putting its money where its mission is, and leading by example.
As the only business to undertake all five steps in OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme, (SES) OHO gratefully acknowledges HHC not simply as an ethical business, but as a five star social enterprise in its own right. This means that the company uses a wide range of the resources it has at its disposal to help achieve the positive social impacts it is passionate about in a manner that actually supports the ongoing financial success of the company. The five streams of the SES that HHC participates in are 1: financial contributions, 2: product and service contributions, 3: time and resource contributions, 4: community contributions, 5: the one percent contribution. “This kind of commitment goes well beyond the old fashioned xmas charity appeal approach – with business as usual for the other 264 days. It deserves to be recognised” states CEO Dr Jimi Wollumbin.

“If the world had more business people with ethics like The Happy Herb Company, it would certainly be a happier place” Happy Herb Grant Recipient, 2012

HHC’s unique response to the Social Enterprise Scheme’s ‘Time and Resource Contribution’ was to allocate regular weekly hours for the company’s General Manager to volunteer with OHO. Their Staff Volunteering Program means that for two hours per week the business pays her to volunteer, and for a further 2 hours she volunteers her own time. Stephanie Barlow describes the experience as follows: “I have always been interested in health and community-based health initiatives, and when HHC decided to transition into a ‘profit-for-purpose’ company we wanted to demonstrate clearly that we are genuinely committed to making a difference in our communities. Partnering with One Health Organisation was a good idea for 3 main reasons: it would broaden my skills base; all donations are tax-deductible; and finally, we would be supporting a ground-breaking and unique organisation. It is incredibly satisfying to be involved in the Social Enterprise Scheme, and our franchisees and employees are all proud of their company and feel like the work they are doing is making a difference in the world.”
“We used the grant to grow Indigenous plants to give the children a stronger connection to their heritage and maintain the traditional connection to the land and the importance of Aboriginal culture” Classroom Teacher, Broken Hill An OHO Social Enterprise Scheme initiative with The Happy Herb Company and Gunawirra mykids nutrition booklet
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