Heartbreakingly high rates of infant mortality in Indonesia led Robin Lim (2011 CNN hero of the year) to create Yayasan Bumi Sehat: centres providing natural midwifery, pre and ante-natal care, health and education services in Bali and Aceh.
  Diets lacking essential nutrients combined with an inability to afford birth-related medical services such as pre and ante-natal care meant that by 2003 Indonesia had the highest rates of infant mortality at birth in South East Asia. Translated into English as Healthy Mother Earth Foundation, Yayasan Bumi Sehat has provided prenatal clinics, labour services, health education and environmental programs to Indonesian women in a bid to achieve its aim of providing safe and gentle natural childbirth to women in need.

“Healthcare is a Human Right, but it is not free, someone must help pay for it. We of Team Bumi Sehat are the Hands, happy to do the work relieving suffering. You who help us via OHO are the HEART nourishing us, that we may do service to humanity with love.”
Ibu Robin Lim

11_bumi_sehat Bumi Sehat now continues its services in Bali as well another centre it established in post-tsunami Aceh. In the year 2012 the recorded Bumi Sehat provided services to 50,050 people, and the following year jumped to 67 148. With the support of One Health Organisation providing much needed birthing supplies, Robin and her committed team provide a variety of services that include:
  • Maternal support including pre-natal check-ups, childbirth services, postpartum care and breastfeeding support.
  • Additional services for mothers and families including nutritional support, pre-natal yoga, acupuncture and natural family planning.
  • A youth education and capacity building Centre giving children instruction in English language, computer skills, organic farming and music. In addition, a scholarship program that fully supports young people, mostly girls, in achieving their dreams of becoming midwives, nurses and teachers.
  • Health educational programs that allowed 7600 midwives and nurses to upgrade their skills in 2012.
  • Free emergency Ambulance transport.
  • Elderly wellness: supporting walking, yoga, exercise and free health evaluations and eyesight clinics.
  • Weekly acupuncture, homeopathy and natural medicine treatments for chronically ill.
  • Test and treatment clinic for Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV/ AIDS as well as other common tropical diseases such as malaria.
Five years ago a young mother named Koming,  full term pregnant with her second baby, came to Bumi Sehat. She had not had any prenatal care previous to this first visit. Sadly, the midwives could find no fetal heartbeat. Koming’s baby had died, one week before his birth. It took courage for Koming to try again to have a baby. She came regularly to prenatal care, she took the free vitamin supplements we provide, and joined prenatal yoga classes. A few nights ago Koming Sutriani gave birth to her third baby, safely and gently at Bumi Sehat. Her husband cried, because this tiny new daughter was alive.