In the midst of the chaos and confusion of a tropical cyclone, the human story of birth carries on regardless. Full- term babies wait for no storm and in the face of such devastation, the process of pregnancy can be hastened, bringing babies into the world early. This is why, in the wake of the destruction wrought by tropical cyclone Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines in 2013, Bumi Sehat had a vital role to play in the recovery effort.
With the assistance of OHO, providing 9000 protein bars from Metagenics and airline tickets for a team of midwives, Bumi Sehat’s early-response team sought to address the almost insurmountable needs of thousands of expectant mothers (as well as other survivors) with no clean water, electricity or medical care available.

“Thank you for the donation of the Endura Food Bars. The mothers had been left without food for almost a week before the rescuers got to them. This donation has made a huge difference in many, many lives.” - JUN FERREROS Rotary International

In partnership with the Wadah foundation, Bumi Sehat visited 15 destroyed or damaged healthcare centres in the Central Philippines and provided support for over 100 midwives with provisions that included;
  • 500 large tarps (to serve as emergency shelter)
  • 500 bolos (machetes, tools for rebuilding)
  • 500 buckets and 500 scoops, to catch rain
  • 500 water filters Solar lights
  • Over 9,000 healthy food bars (thanks to One Health Organisation and Metagenics)
  • 4,800 packets of high-energy biscuits
  • 17 cases of Clif bars + medical supplies
  • 5 cases of prenatal vitamins
By January BumiSehat/Wadah foundation became fully responsible for the Medical Relief and Childbirth camp in the village of San Jose, Dulag (taking over from Mercy in Action). By April 2014, Bumi Sehat had delivered 389 babies and over 6500 people have received free medical relief in the big ‘Bumi Sehat Tent’.
“We are all so full of gratitude for the help of One Health in bringing food bars to the Typhoon survivors.  Every food bar is another day of survival, while the people try to get back up on their feet and rebuild their lives Thank YOU so much for helping. OHO was the first to donate to our efforts!” Ibu Robin Lim tacloban shot