For Melbourne chiropractor, Dr Dein Vindigni, a chance meeting with one of the world’s most revered woman would alter both his life and make a positive impact on the lives of countless other individuals.
Inspired by his experience with Mother Theresa helping the poor on the streets of Calcutta, Dein returned home determined to implement a similar in-community style of health care for marginalised Australians. Calling themselves the ‘bone men’- for ease of understanding,  Dein and his band of altruistic practitioners established the first  Hands on Health Australia (HOHA)  chiropractic clinic in a small room beneath the stairs of the Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda, 1989. Now, HOHA has expanded to 13 community clinics across Australia as well as programs overseas including;
  • The Philippines
  • India
  • Cambodia
  • Timor-Leste
These clinics now offer a multitude of services including naturopathy, osteopathy, myopathy,chiropractic care and hairdressing delivering relief to the disadvantaged whose ailments would otherwise be left untreated. In addition, the clinics also offer something equally as important as health care-friendship.  For many of its clients, suffering from depression, isolation and low self-esteem, HOHA provides acceptance, a cup of tea and companionship to instil a sense of self-value and belonging.

‘Les’, amongst others, has been a great beneficiary of the special support that HOHA clinics can provide;
After a failed marriage and loss of employment, Les found himself increasingly reclusive, living in a boarding house and battling depression. He eventually sought help at the clinic for on-going neck pain. Upon sitting for his first treatment however, Les jumped up in fright when touched by the Chiropracter! In hard times, the touch of another person had become entirely foreign. Les subsequently re-gained his strength, confidence and purpose  to re-enter the workforce and the world at large.
For Les, this treatment ensured the beginning of relief from neck pain. Of even greater significance though, that first touch marked his re-integration with society. OHO have been proud to support HOHA in its noble endeavours and as CEO Barbara Polus points out, such specialised help is greatly needed;
'OHO are incredibly important to us. We at HOHA are so busy meeting the needs of clients, promotion and fundraising slips back as a priority. One Health comes to the rescue each time and says ‘we can do this’. They reinstate this as a priority, on our behalf, to make our organisation stronger.’