The AYDC currently houses over 100 children and their carers. Without this centre, the children of Yangon would be denied basic health rights, with no carers to protect them. The centre now offers care for abandoned children, an on-site clinic to address nutrition, sanitation, women’s and children’s health in the community, with extended services in pre-school groups and nurse education.
Tammy and Phil Sooveere visited the AYDC in September 2012, to undertake nutritional assessment on the centre’s residents and provide valuable education on basic health care for the centre’s residents. MyKids were able to offer advice and prescription on topical treatments for serious infections like Staphylococcus, while overseeing the prescription of natural medicines and the training of carers to store, dispense and maintain the natural medicine area. Residents of AYDC received customised health prescriptions with older children also receiving additional nutrients to enhance their educational needs.

"This community support is desperately needed for all people in Myanmar. Thank you." – Community Leader in Yangon

With the support of OHO’s Collaborative Partnership Program, MyKids were able to produce a bi-lingual education manual for the Yangon community, offering nutrition and sanitation information for the entire district, including the 85 bed local hospital. OHO’s Collaborative Partnership Program has provided the MyKids Myanmar project with:
  • Strategic advice and mentoring in establishing the project
  • Legal infrastructure
  • Over $350 000 of nutritional supplements
  • A Happy Herb Company Community HELP grant to assist with the sanitarian program literature and set-up funding
  • A Blackmores Community HELP grant to translate medical dosage instructions into Burmese
  mykids nutrition booklet