Organised by Human Nature Adventure Therapy, the Recre8 program is an early intervention program for young people, aged 14-19, in the Northern rivers of New South Wales and the southern Gold Coast regions, who want to work through challenges with drugs and alcohol, mental health, juvenile offences, or behavioural issues they may be facing at home, at school and in the community. r2  
The 10 day program has at its core an exciting and challenging wilderness journey. But there is a deeper therapeutic process beyond this. Participants are guided and supported to reflect on their lives, come to know themselves more deeply, and develop goals and strategies for creating a fulfilling and positive future.

“This camp has been an amazing and challenging experience. You don’t realise what you are capable of and what you can achieve at most points in your life, but this camp has made me see that I am capable and I can achieve what I want in life' - Jasmine 18yo

The expedition’s unique combination of activities and counselling provides a non-threatening context that promotes self-esteem, independence, maturity, resilience, teamwork, and optimism. Outcomes from our programs include significant improvements in participants’ levels of motivation, school performance, social confidence, and a reduction in drug and alcohol use and high-risk behaviours.

What we love about this project:
• Early intervention mental health programs like this one prevent people ending up in the mental health care system and the justice system, saving the government huge amounts of money
• The mental health aspect of the program is highly flexible and uses many different strategies for building resilience and engagement with the participants. This means that each expedition is adapted and tailored to the needs and dynamics of each group.
• Young people get the support they need to take their lives into their own hands.
• The results speak for themselves! The feedback from carers, mental health workers and foster agencies are overwhelmingly positive, each and every time