Creating a Culture of Innovation in Australia

  Having been rated 2nd on the 2016 Australia-wide Innovation Index last week, I just got off the phone from Give Easy's CEO and innovation guru, Jeremy Tobias, to discuss his team's findings. The report highlights that innovative…
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The Problem of Measuring Impact

Impact investors are rightly applauded for the many gifts they undoubtedly bring to the social sector, but what if some of these market-based, social enterprise style gifts, turn out to be unexamined Trojan horses containing ideas that perpetuate…
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How A Strong Brand Can Help Achieve Your Social Purpose

Most NFPs hear the question “but what do you actually do?” all too often. Unfortunately, the best tool for ensuring people know who you are and what you’re about - a strong brand - is often discarded as unnecessary unless you are in…
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Creating Change One Sunday at a Time

In 2009 Chris Raine decided to make a life changing decision and since then he hasn’t looked back. Now with over 30,000 followers to his organisation, Hello Sunday Morning, he continues to create his ideal world and be the change for the better.…
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Mission ImPozible: Meet Kim, the Woman behind the Action

Kimberly McCosker isn’t your typical Photo Journalist. Always getting involved in world changing projects from running Model United Nations Conferences to photographing the 2014 G20 Summit, she is constantly on the go. Kim’s current mission…
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Barbara Polus-CEO, Neuroscientist and Bookkeeper?

By David Anderson Barbara Polus may be fearful of facing large waves in the ocean, but she does not cower from her challenges as the CEO of Hands on Health Australia (HoHA). Established by Dr Dein Vindigni and inspired by none other than…

Searching for Happiness? Then Find Your Purpose.

OHO GLOBAL CITIZENS OF THE MONTH: ELIZABETH AND GIORGINA VENZIN Happy October! It’s the month of Global Mental Health Day and for this month’s Global Citizen we recognise two deserving Australians for their efforts within the mental…
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Go Big (and Collaborate) or Go Home

OHO Global Citizen of the Month: Aria Florant “… I was really interested in women’s rights, so I went to Nepal.” That’s the kind of person U Penn Wharton School Business Student and Stanford Race and Ethnicity Graduate, Aria…

Engaged Humans / Humane Structures

Positive change in the institutions that make up society can most effectively be brought about by the people who work in them.
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Stepping Lightly – Planetary Health

We know that the biosphere – the global ecological network comprising all living beings on Earth – is a single closed system. We know this means that in the end every one of us drinks from the same source and breathes the same air.