20,000 Nutritional Soups given to Australia's Homeless

20,000 nutritional soups are distributed to Australia’s homeless, as a part of OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme initiative with Metagenics and the Salvation Army.

OHO's Social Enterprise Scheme

A series of four grants between one to four-thousand dollars are created via OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme and The Happy Herb Company. They fund the following outcomes: Two indigenous primary schools receive 12 week courses in nutrition…

Bumi Sahat joins OHO's CPP

The Bumi Sehat birth outreach project becomes the second international organisation to join OHO’s collaborative partnership program. Following an OHO visit to the project in Indonesia, a donation of over 1.6 litres of pure undiluted essential…

50,000 Nutritional Bars given to Australia's homeless

50,000 nutritional bars distributed to Australia’s homeless via 42 community centres, as a part of OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme initiative with Metagenics and the Salvation Army.

OHO Initiates a pilot Anti-Malaria campaign

OHO initiates a pilot anti-malarial campaign in India, trialling the effect of homeopathic medicines in increasing host resistance. The campaign is integrated with Traditional Healthcare’s existing project and handed over to community leaders…

Nicaraguans receive aromatherapy treatment

3500 Nicaraguans to receive aromatherapy treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a part of OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme initiative with SEOC and Natural Doctors International.

OHO's Founder Completes 10,000th Hour of Volunteer work

OHO’s founder, Jimi Wollumbin, completes his 10,000th hr our of volunteer work right back where he began giving treatments to vulnerable communities. (Photo in India)

World Record in International Aid Donations

A world record in international aid donations of complementary and alternative medicine products is declared when OHO collaborates with the Mykids Australia project to assist orphans in Myanmar with basic nutrition. Just over a metric tonne…

Natural Doctors International joins OHO's CPP

Natural Doctors International is the first non-Australian organisation to join OHO’s Collaborative Partnership Program, seeking support for its naturopathic initiative in Nicaragua.

DOSE Report published

The DOSE Report (Directory Of Social Enterprise) is published for the first time documenting the ethical evolution and five star ratings of the business engaged in OHO’s social enterprise scheme. It is distributed to over 120 000 readers.