Transforming the World by Transforming the Social Sector

by Stephanie Clerc A recent meeting between three Australian social organisations has left me feeling more optimistic about the future of the social sector in Australia than I have since I was a bright-eyed uni student. I’m not just…

Social Enterprise Tourism – A Prosperous Path for Vietnam

One progressive Vietnamese company is turning trips to Halong Bay into education for hill tribe kids. 12 years ago, the overnight flight from Saigon to Sydney was a rather pleasant affair in economy. One could stretch out almost horizontally…
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How a Video is the First Step to Health.

“You know what this means, don’t you”, said the young doctor in the middle of the night. “No, I don’t!” I wanted to scream. He was speaking to me in French and I was in Geneva, Switzerland, in the early stages of labour for what…
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Creating Change One Sunday at a Time

In 2009 Chris Raine decided to make a life changing decision and since then he hasn’t looked back. Now with over 30,000 followers to his organisation, Hello Sunday Morning, he continues to create his ideal world and be the change for the better.…
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Go Big (and Collaborate) or Go Home

OHO Global Citizen of the Month: Aria Florant “… I was really interested in women’s rights, so I went to Nepal.” That’s the kind of person U Penn Wharton School Business Student and Stanford Race and Ethnicity Graduate, Aria…
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New Graduates Lend Healing Hands to East Timorese

HOHA training program in East Timor is helping improve the wellbeing of many who had come to accept that living with pain was just a ‘way of life’.