“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.
Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885)

A central part of OHO’s work as a Social Innovation Agency is to explore ideas whose time has come. This is done via regular ‘brain hurricanes’ where every member of the team is invited to participate as we road test concepts that can be of real use in creating positive social outcomes. These ideas are by nature diverse and are consequently explored in diverse ways using rich pictures, mind maps, 6 hats and a range of other tools that encourage new perspectives.

The OHO Social Innovation Compass is present through these sessions, helping us chart a path through stormy intellectual seas in the hope of avoiding being dashed upon the rocks of overwhelm and despair. The following selection briefly introduces key concepts that have now become a central part of the culture and climate of our ‘complex autopoetic organisation’ as it ‘chases it’s strange attractor’ (ideas whose time is still coming!)

“The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are fought and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.”
Harold Goddard