Human Ventures

OHO’s focus as a social innovation agency is to participate in the evolution of established social, political and economic models. The purpose of this is to encourage the emergence of more engaged and sustainable approaches to the vital issues of our age. For the individual citizen, our model of social innovation is the reconceptualising of self-identity; from a passive ‘consumer’ to an active ‘Human Venture’.
We enable this to occur through participation in our One Health Global Citizens program.

The program is designed to assist in the articulation and enactment of each person’s core values and deepest purpose. We define ‘purpose’ as where your greatest joy meets the world’s deepest need, so that these become intertwined in a manner that is mutually beneficial. Each Human Venture is unique to that particular person, and can find its ultimate expression in an infinite range of outcomes. It is enacted as the culmination of a structured process within the Global Citizens program which examines four basic aspects of life to ensure that they are aligned with your personal values and vision.