One in three kids in Myanmar suffer from significant stunting and growth impairment. OHO’s MyKids Project in Myanmar is working hard towards improving the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged kids at Andrew Youth Development Centre. Recently OHO facilitated funding to provide a more balanced diet to the kids at the centre.

Kids had to suffice on gourds and rice 3 times a day before the OHO donation.

Kids were eating just gourds and rice 3 times a day, when rain destroyed the fresh produce

The centre had been growing green vegetables in their small patch of green to use in the kitchen, but unfortunately heavy rains spoiled the produce.

Thanks to the OHO donations, kids are now able to eat fresh veggies with rice, followed by a piece of fruit for dessert.

Zo Thang the administrator of AYDC, wrote to us about the difference the balanced meal is making to the kids, “the kids are very happy that they are having a wonderful meal tonight”. The photos below show the difference between a standard meal at AYDC and the one funded by OHO, and the amazing kids at AYDC enjoying their new healthy menu.

Kids enjoying their healthy meal

Kids enjoying their healthy meal