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How a Video is the First Step to Health.

“You know what this means, don’t you”, said the young doctor in the middle of the night. “No, I don’t!” I wanted to scream. He was speaking to me in French and I was in Geneva, Switzerland, in the early stages of labour for what was a “difficult” birth. I would have given anything to […]


Funding Change

BUILDING THE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Imagine, if you will, a non-profit project run by a small team of passionate volunteers who are planting fruit trees on unused patches of land in a disadvantaged urban neighbourhood.  They’re having an awesome impact on the local community in many ways, but the small amount of time and […]

Melbourne Mum Brings Acupuncture to Australians in Need

Selfie sticks and Burberry may earn the ire of Christine Lee but her real passion remains at the pointy end of health delivery for the disadvantaged. With sleeping babe in arms, Christine recently managed to squeeze in a chat with One Health. As the director of Prickle community acupuncture, along with dealing with the demands […]

The Dark Side of the Board

In community sector publications and newsletters I see a lot of information promoting the importance of having a board of directors. Although there definitely comes a point in the growth of an organisation where a board is a necessary and important step, we see many small community initiatives whose boards seem to take more time […]

Indigenous Medicine Enterprise Gets a Production Boost

For Lorraine and others at Purple House, the production of their now-famous bush balm was proving increasingly difficult. That was until an Australian company with a big heart stepped in to lend a hand. Our collaborative project with the Alice Springs based organisation Purple House centres around using the social enterprise model to create employment […]

Birthing in a Disaster Zone: Ground Zero in The Philippines

Nearly two years since cyclone Haiyan ravaged the islands of The Philippines, a generous batch of essential oils is making a direct impact in the lives of long-suffering local mothers. Our intrepid Bumi Wadah Collaborative Project continues to provide its specialised support to the people of Dulag, The Philippines, with the assistance of a donation […]


Birthing Healthy Babies in South East Asia

Dealing with the critical moments of childbirth on a daily basis has not been without heartbreak for Robin Lim’s team at Bumi Sehat: limited funds, natural disasters and an overwhelming work load definitely take their toll. So how does this team of midwives in Indonesia and thePhilippines find the impetus to keep going year after […]

Thousands of Footsteps to Heal Nepalese Feet

After a long and difficult trek, a shipment of footbalm is now providing relief for Nepalese woman enduring an arduous journey through life. Recently our CLAP collaborative project in Nepal received a generous donation of footbalm from The Sydney Essential Oil Company. In the poor mountainous regions of Nepal, transport is very limited. People and […]

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Growing Fruits of Labour and Love

Last year Happy Herb Company created a $25,000 grant to help One Health Organisation (OHO) further develop our Collaborative Projects Program (CPP). CPP has had an incredible impact over the last 10 years by ensuring that 21 community health enterprises and 75 health projects in 10 different countries were supported; that 8 metric tonnes of […]

Bush Expeditions for At Risk Teens

By his own admission, Andy Hamilton is not particularly skilled at the art of self-promotion, but as a psychologist for the Recre8 bush adventure program, he does have some insightful advice for kids and parents alike. Conducting his practice counselling young people with drug and alcohol issues in northern NSW, Andy began to recognise the […]