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Why ‘Lifestyle disease’ is misleading

Individual choice as the primary driver of wellness is a central idea in the mythology of modern health[1]: we label non-communicable disease ‘lifestyle’ disease, and target our interventions at an individual’s behaviour like diet and exercise. Our underlying idea is that ‘if only the individual changed their behaviour, then their health would change too’. Is […]

Sugar Tax- The Stick AND the Carrot

By David Anderson   In the decades since we lost the Marlboro Man and Yul Brynner to lung cancer, governments like Australia’s have done their utmost to reduce the incidence of this disease.  Plain cigarette packaging, packaging with scenes akin to a horror movie as well as heavy taxes, represent a concerted effort by government […]


  Over the years, non-profits have fallen victim to a host of myths that are both flawed and unfair. We unravel them here.  Myth #1: Capacity building is ambiguous and unnecessary. Often the term ‘capacity building’ is met with confusion, seen as too broad to define and too difficult to prove the worth of. But […]