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“The Edge” of Success – Refugees, Films and Fundraising

For Constance, having escaped conflict in Sudan for a new life in Australia, the recent postponement of a film premiere depicting her story would have seemed a minor irritation. In fact , the interruption wrought by ex cyclone Debbie was a blessing in disguise as Marina Chand from World Wellness Group (WWG) points out, ‘while […]

Happy Herb Company Supports Indigenous Access to Health

Food is medicine, but for many Indigenous communities most of the food available is closer to poison. Australia’s first people are struggling under the heart-rending burden of chronic disease, and an important aspect to addressing this tragedy is to improve access to healthy food. The Happy Herb Company recently teamed up with One Health and […]


Social Entrepreneurship and the State- Bossing Capitalism for the right reasons

By David Anderson Like a leopard with those recalcitrant spots, the fundamental tenants of capitalism will not change without the interventions of the State. In her  blog , “Why social entreprenurship has become a  distraction: it’s mainstream capitalism that needs to change”, Pamela Hartigan rightly asserts that “every entrepreneur needs to become a social entrepreneur […]