OHO’s Mykids project has received a large donation of supplements for kids at the Andrew Youth Development Centre (AYDC) in Myanmar, from our project partner Bioconcepts.

The donation, worth over ten thousand dollars, has provided two essential supplements to AYDC, Vitamin D and B Vital.


Kids receiving their supplements.

Many kids in Myanmar suffer from nutritional deficiency. The annual health assessment conducted at AYDC by the project managers Phil and Tammy Sooveere, revealed that some kids at AYDC also lack important nutrients in their diet.

A readily available source of Vitamin D can be found in the tropical climate of Myanmar, however with a cultural interest in fair skin, teenage girls have a tendency to hide from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency signs are apparent. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to bone fragility, cancer, heart disease, and depression.

B Vital is a powdered multivitamin supplement that covers a large variety of nutrients which includes an excellent dose of the B vitamins.

Bioconcepts supplements have been a great help in improving the nutritional intake of kids, in addition to a balanced diet. During the latest health assessments there were many children who were identified as being tired and fatigued on a ongoing basis. These children have begun using this supplement to increase their nutrients required for energy and the concentration necessary for their education.

Project Manager and registered Nutritionist, Tammy Sooveere told OHO “This has been an amazing opportunity to work with quality supplements in quantities that provide help for so many children. Bioconcepts has been extremely generous with their support of our health project and without our project partners we couldn’t begin to achieve good health for the children in Yangon.”