At OHO we are working towards world wellness through projects around the world including India, Kenya, Indonesia, Nicuragua, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Phillipines, Tanzania and 43 community centres across Australia. As difficult as our work may seem, every day we hear stories that inspire us to continue on our mission of Health for All.

bioconceptsThis news about an extraordinary young man under the care of OHO’s MyKIds project in Myanmar, is just one of the many encouraging stories that makes all our efforts worthwhile.

He had always been a star student. With dreams of becoming a doctor one day, he spent most of his day with his books, while other kids of his age played.

It began with a seemingly common injury to his left knee. But after a few months when it failed to heal, exploratory medical tests revealed bone cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation, followed by a surgery to remove his left leg from the knee down, left him in crutches. Recent scans showed cancer has spread to the bones in his face, resulting in loss if bones in the mastoid/temporal bone.

Medical care and nutritional supplements are very expensive in Myanmar, leaving him no choice but to rely on assistance. Thankfully, an Australian nutraceutical company Bio Concepts has stepped up to help him manage his health.

Under the care of OHO’s MyKids Australia project, the young man is now taking Bio Concepts supplements to support his health. Vitamin D and B Vital supplements provide the foundational nutrients for the immune system to resist and repair damage.

Without these donations, it can be very difficult for young men like him to receive the nutritional support they need and keep working hard and hopefully one day accomplish their dreams.