Dealing with the critical moments of childbirth on a daily basis has not been without heartbreak for Robin Lim’s team at Bumi Sehat: limited funds, natural disasters and an overwhelming work load definitely take their toll. So how does this team of midwives in Indonesia and thePhilippines find the impetus to keep going year after year? It’s the people who give Robin and her team all the motivation they could ever need.

Cinta’s Story

Cinta came to join the prenatal yoga classes at Bumi Sehat. She explained during prenatal care that her first child, born in Java, needed an operation to live, but they had no money to pay so the baby died after one week. Her second baby was lost in a miscarriage. Our Bumi Sehat midwives reassured Cinta, promising her that they would find a way to pay for surgery, should this baby be born with a similar condition as her first born. When Cinta came to the clinic in labour, she progressed quickly, and soon, her husband Nyoman was seated behind, supporting her as she pushed. They were a couple of two cultures; she cried out for strength, “Allah Akbar,” while he sang Gayatri Mantra in the tradition of his Hindu ancestors. They were a bridge of love. The midwives cried silently as Cinta pushed; each praying in their own way for a healthy baby. Om Shanti… Alhamdulillah! A healthy bright-eyed baby girl was gently born.

The Numbers tell the story

As another year ticks by, Ibu Robin and Bumi Sehat have continued their amazing work providing a staggering amount of health and human services in both Indonesia and the cyclone-ravaged region of The Philippines (2014):

  • 165,365 Including pre/post natal care, midwifery and HIV tests, a total of
  • 60 261 total birthing services were delivered in Indonesia, including pre/post natal care, midwifery and HIV tests;
  • 21 661 in Aceh. In the Philippines, medical services totalled 26 851 while a monumental 105 421 human services were delivered including the distribution of food, clothing and water filters.

These figures are a testament to Ibu Robin, whose actions and indeed words are an inspiration to us all here at OHO.

“We are joining hands and building world peace, one Mother, one Baby, one Family at a time. Bringing the future stewards of our Air, Land and Water gently into the world, and securing human rights by providing educational opportunities and healthcare to people in need. Thank you for believing in us. You share our vision and you make this healing of people, of our beloved Planet, possible.”