For Ann, crippling depression and respiratory issues meant that she was continuously in and out of hospital. Disadvantage, with limited employment opportunities, also ensured that she could not afford the treatments required for a full recovery. So Bioconcepts, OHO and HOHA have once again joined forces to rid Ann of her troubles and with her, other Australians down on their luck.

Bioconcepts has donated some of its products to our HOHA Rosebud collaborative project. Fuelled by the efforts of volunteer practitioners, Rosebud offers services such as naturopathy, chiropractic, yoga, Chinese herbal medicine and even hairdressing to those experiencing financial and personal hardship.  Many of its clients have no fixed address, sleeping rough in their cars or on a friend’s couch. A variety of mental and physical ailments also makes it difficult to maintain long-term employment.

Those with a history of depression have benefited greatly from the mood improvement effects of the fish oil and green tea supplements. The introduction of Thermalite also appears to be helping those that require weight loss, enabling patients to start exercising and giving them confidence to see other practitioners in the clinic. As one practitioner points out, they are overjoyed at getting access to these products, ‘’When we prescribe supplements, the answer is ‘I can’t afford them’, they don’t even ask how much they cost… When we say they are yours for free, these have been donated for people who need them, they are speechless!

Ann is most certainly one client who has warmly received the donated supplements.

When Ann first heard about Rosebud Hands on Health Clinic she thought it was too good to be true but went along and was amazed how good she felt afterwards. She felt ‘cared for’ from the minute she walked in the door & left feeling ‘whole’:

‘The receptionist, volunteers and practitioners all treated me with kindness & respect. Having the opportunity to give myself quality nutrient, like the fish oil, when my funds are low is reassuring that I am able to look after my health’.

Ann leaves Rosebud this week to travel to Queensland in her home on wheels (her only home), feeling a lot healthier & stronger than when she first attended Rosebud 18 months ago.