For school teacher Bhupal Thapa, the construction of a school in remote Nepal offered the chance to broaden the minds of the children of the local region. But something was still amiss. What would the kids sit on for their lessons? OHO and its partners have teamed up to solve this problem!

Aided by a generous donation of $2000 from the Happy Herb Company, our collaborative Children’s Learning Access Project has sought to address the needs of students by funding the construction of desks and stools for the Evergreen English Boarding school in Bhojpur, Nepal. In addition, this grant also allowed the sealing and limewashing of the building to form a barrier against rain and moisture.

Thanks to the efforts of local workers, committing long laborious hours, the children can now enjoy an environment more conducive for thriving minds! As the CLAP director, Hugh O’Toole, points out, the community’s patience with this project has been greatly rewarded:

“The students, teachers and school families are relieved to have their school building standards improved. The school’s foundation parents have been patient in having their children conduct their schooling while in its phase of development. The teachers are happy to have sealed walls and classrooms that resemble classrooms. The students are happy that they are actually seated at desks and are able to go about their studies.”

As noted by Hugh, this grant, injected into our CLAP project collaboration, has had a broader positive impact within the community. In concert with enhancing the educational experience and boosting the self-esteem of the students, the teachers also feel supported in their endeavours. Parents increasingly appreciate its value encouraging greater enrolments. Furthermore, the money paid to those involved with the construction of furniture and lime-washing has circulated through the community and increased the wealth of the district’s families.

Overall, the community gains a sense that somebody cares, emboldening a generation to obtain the education required to lift their people out of poverty.

“We are sure that the establishment of the school and getting assistance from One Health Organisation and Happy Herbs have given us a very positive impact in our Nepali culture and community. It has given us hope in our lives.” – Bhupal Thapa, Country Manager-CLAP Nepal.