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One Health Organisation offers a unique opportunity to existing, established or budding social ventures through its Collaborative Projects Program (CPP). Through this program, community initiatives in the Health and wellness space can focus on their project delivery whilst being supported and assisted at an organisational level.

OHO’s Project Partnership framework has been described by Australian community law experts as ‘truly ground-breaking’. This is because it allows OHO to extend its legal infrastructure to small start-up ventures (and even large, established ventures), without restricting their overall autonomy.

The CPP is, in essence, a way for One Health Organisation (OHO) to support Australian community initiatives and NGOs in order to better achieve our common goal of “Health for All”. We believe that a holistic and integrated system of primary health care that focuses extensively on wellbeing, education, community development, nutrition and disease prevention is crucial to the generation of health equality in our world.

By way of partnership with OHO, community initiatives can channel their passion and skills directly into their community and projects, whilst being supported in the following ways:

  • Strategic advice and mentoring
  • Access to supplies and donations from OHO’s business partners
  • Extension of OHO’s legal and taxation status (eg DGR status)
  • Receiving national media, internet and social media exposure
  • Access to micro-financing, community H.E.L.P grants and interest-free loans
  • Online donations platform to make fundraising easier and automatically tax-deductible
  • Assistance with the recruitment of volunteers
  • Advocacy and representation to industry, government and the United Nations
  • Access to specialised policy and procedural infrastructure
  • A broad range of strategic organisational advice

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now”
Martin Luther King Jr

OHO’s Social Venture model

A critical component of OHO’s CPP is that it is informed by a Social Ventures model, rather than a purely charitable model. A Social Venture, as distinct from a Charity, is an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropic and humanitarian endeavours that seeks to provide systemic solutions that achieve sustainable social objectives. Such an approach is innately holistic and collaborative and involves collaborating with community groups and local NGO’s in ways that truly address the underlying problems in a manner that is both transformative and empowering. Although Social Ventures utilise community sector infrastructure to achieve their objectives, they ultimately seek neither to give nor receive simply charitable handouts. Rather, the empowering approach of ‘teaching how to fish’ is adopted at a community level, with the organisation striving for financial self sufficiency via the delivery of real value to third parties.

“No-one really wants a hand out, even those who need a hand up. Everyone has something to offer. That’s the beauty of Social Ventures.”

– Dr Jimi Wollumbin, CEO, One Health Organisation

“OHO’s Collaborative Project Program has helped launch our dreams into reality. They have surpassed all our expectations and they are such a pleasure to work with. We, at MyKids Australia, hope to have a long and prosperous relationship whereby we change the world together one step at a time.”

Tammy Sooveere, MyKids Project Manager

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