As part of the Social Enterprise Scheme Metagenics engages in the following 3 initiatives:

Financial Contribution

Significant annual financial contributions

Product and Services Contribution

Significant regular donations of stock, online awareness campaigns, disaster relief appeals, print media membership promotion, conference promotional membership appeals.

Time and Resource Contribution

Call centre staff volunteer to place OHO ads on volunteering websites during quiet periods.

“Helping people live happier healthier lives” has always been Health World / Metagenics mission statement, but when you partner this with OHO’s mission of ‘Health For All’ you really do get happier healthier lives for all.”

As our Major Sponsor since 2009, Metagenics has invested deeply in bringing OHO to the global stage with significant financial support provided every month. Despite having been founded in 2005, in 2009 OHO was still an emerging player in the wellness space, but with the long term vision typical of companies like Metagenics, they backed the enterprise from the outset.

Graeme Joiner, Metagenics Director of Sales and Marketing, describes the decision making process that guided their choice:

“Metagenics (Health World Limited) was created in 1985 with the specific mission to help people live happier, healthier lives. As a result, we aim for excellence in the product we produce, the service we provide and the education we deliver to healthcare practitioners and their patients.”

“Supporting the One Health Organisation as the major sponsor is a significant commitment and is one that we see as a natural and logical extension of our mission. My advice to others looking to take part in a similar Corporate Social Responsibility program is to ask yourself if the program is true to your mission; do it for the right reasons, not just because you feel you should, or need to be seen as doing something good. If it isn’t a natural fit with your company, it will not be sustainable and neither party will maximise the benefit a successful CSR partnership can bring.”

Since that time, Metagenics has focused strongly on the ‘Product and Service Contribution’ of OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme by providing healthcare practitioners working with vulnerable communities with access to high quality, in date, practitioner only health and wellness products.

The outcomes of this have been record breaking with results that include: 1.5 metric tonnes of nutritional bars to Australia’s homeless, 1.2 metric tonnes in a single international aid container and almost $300,000 of donations in 2012 alone.

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