For Bendigo residents Joan and Paula, poor health and a lack of sleep had created an unrelenting vicious cycle. Metagenics , One Health Organisation and Hands on Health Australia (HOHA) have stepped in to arrest this trend for these woman and others.

Our Eaglehawk Community HOHA collaborative project has received a boost with a timely donation of stock from Metagenics. Located in Bendigo, Victoria, the health clinic offers free treatments in massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic care and naturopathy to some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community.

Treating people with health problems that relate to disadvantage such as poor diet, accidents, drug and alcohol use, and chronic pain, this donation from Metagenics has been a Godsend for many looking to escape this cycle of poor health including Joan:

“Joan has struggled with her weight for years; eventually it affected her mobility, sleep, overall wellbeing and mental health. With the support of Kelp, Joan was reporting weight loss after only two weeks. The quality sleep Joan was getting thanks to Neurocalm meant that Joan could report a significant increase in energy. After one month Joan was making healthier food and lifestyle choices and has continued to lose weight . Joan said:

“Without the perspective from Eaglehawk Community Hands on Health Naturopath, Ally I would not have even understood what my body needed and I could not have afforded to purchase these fantastic supplements. This has changed my life, I have started volunteering more and I feel great.”

Paula, another client struggling with sleep, also received positive health benefits from the use of Neurocalm and Crotico:

“I have been tired, lethargic and suffering from insomnia for years. I started seeing the Naturopath, Ally, she dealt with anxiety rather than sleeping problems. The supplements have been amazing, better than any prescription. I feel healthy and like a new person without being drugged up.”

With a little bit of help from our friends, we have been able make improvements in the lives of Joan, Paula and others, paving the way for future individual prosperity.