After Indonesian customs seized a donation of ours destined for our Collaborative Partner working in a birth center outreach I expressed my frustration.

Ibu Robin Lim Midwife & CNN Hero - One Health Organisation Collaborative Partner at Bumi Sehat Birth Centre Indonesia

Ibu Robin’s response follows…

“It’s all a process. Sometimes I feel the fact that helping out in Indonesia can be so challenging, means what we do is essential and needed. The Bumi Sehat team tries not to take the frustrations personally, so we can keep on doing the services we love to do.


We are the hands out here Jimi, the help you and One Health Organisation provide makes you the HEART, pumping substance to us, so the work continues.

Just last night a family arrived from the Island of Sumatra, they had driven 5 days to reach Bumi Sehat on the Island of Bali, in a borrowed van, a pregnant mother, father, two children, grandmother, niece and a hired driver. They came to Bumi Sehat because of the trauma the mother survived when she had her first two babies.  This baby, she wished to have gently (and free, for they have so little) at Bumi Sehat.

We fed them, gave them soap, towels and toothbrushes and moved an extra bed for them into one of the birth rooms. I woke up at 5:30 am feeling the mother, “Fitri” needed me.  Sure enough, she had been quietly laboring all night, with the Bumi Sehat Midwives supporting her. I filled up the birth tub, and, Ibu Fitri had a lovely gentle water birth. Her Baby boy was nearly 4 kilos.”

Much Love, and gratitude, Ibu Robin


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