A generous donation of 60 bottles of ‘Mum-to-Be’ essential oil blend from Sydney Essential Oil Company has greatly aided the hard-working team at Bumi Sehat in Indonesia.

With their on-going treatment of woman in childbirth, the midwives use the oils to massage mothers during long and difficult labour. Woman under extreme stress, such as HIV positive mums, receive particular attention and are able to take the oils home and continue their use in the post-natal period.

Bumi Sehat founder Robin Lim even managed to transport 10 of these bottles to the Philippine disaster zone where they were put into action relieving the traumatised mothers of tropical cyclone Haiyan.

With its amazing scent the Mum-to-Be essential oil contributed to a relaxed environment conducive to safe, gentle births. Ibu Suzanna, originally from Kupang, West Timor was one such example. Her labour progressed very rapidly and she became distressed with the pain and how quickly things were happening. The midwives used the Mum-to-Be essential oil to massage her lower back and belly and she began to relax. The beautiful scent filled the room and she settled in a sitting position leaning against her husband for support. A healthy baby girl was born not long after and mother, father, grandmother and midwives celebrated in the joy of a new life entering the world.

Such was the impact of the oils that she noted afterwards, ‘The scent of the Mum-to-Be oil in the room was so lovely when I received a massage in labour with my first baby at Bumi Sehat. Thank you to the people in Australia for helping us!’

This donation has gone a long way to improve the lives of some of the mothers and babies most in need in the Asia-Pacific region.

Thank you, Sydney Essential Oil Company.