Sydney Essential Oil Company has generously donated some wonderful essential oils and hygiene kits to our collaborative MyKids project to help improve the lives of the children who live at the Andrews Youth Development Centre (AYDC) in Myanmar.

Consisting of tea tree oil and aloe vera, amongst others, these products can greatly improve the cleanliness of the children and the centre, helping to reduce the spread of infection and disease. These oils have made a huge difference for 3 year old Htet Ko Shine, a little boy whose mother abandoned him after taking a new husband. Inadequate nutrition has meant that his compromised immune system is unable to fight common skin infections such as staph. Ever since he came to the centre as a little boy, he has been plagued with recurring infected blisters appearing on his face. After the application of tee tree oil over a number of months however, the staph infection has been replaced by a broad smile!

Beyond just caring for the physical hygiene of the abandoned children of Myanmar, Sydney Essential Oil Company’s generous donation is also supporting their emotional wellbeing. Soothing and uplifting massage blends have been created and given out to the children and carers at Andrews Youth Development Centre. Most of these children come from traumatic backgrounds and can suffer ongoing emotional instability that affects their sleep and well-being. These massage oils have been an essential component to help manage the stress and anxiety of these children and their carers.

Lian Thang is the director of Andrews Youth Development Centre and has been for over 20 years. He has suffered with back pain and headaches for many years now. After the use of the massage oil blends he reports a considerable reduction in his pain. He is so thankful for the donation from the Sydney Essential Oil Company.

Thank you SEOC and well done to our collaborative partners MyKids!