After the Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines, Unicef estimated that more than 1.5 million children were at risk of acute malnutrition and about 800,000 pregnant and lactating women were in need of immediate nutritional support.

These overwhelming figures didn’t stop OHO and our partners from rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. Our mission is Health for all and we are dedicated to providing as much relief to the disaster affected families as possible.

Along with our Indonesian partners at the Yayasan Bumi Sehat Foundation birth outreach program and our major partner Metagenics, we have been supplying nutritional supplies and birth support to the 220,000 pregnant women in the affected areas.

Metagenics has made a sizeable donation of 9000 units of protein bars weighing over 600kgs for those in the worst affected areas. Ibu Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year and founder of the Bumi Sehat Foundation, is helping get the supplies to the right hands.

Ibu Robin and her team have recently sent us this update.

CebuRead Ibu Robin Lim’s first project report.

“The people of Central Philippines are still homeless and without livelihood. The storm took their fishing boats and 90% or more of the coconut trees! All the rice was destroyed. 

Every food bar is another day of survival, while the people try to get back up on their feet and rebuild their lives. Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda is no longer in the news, but the aftermath is day and night suffering for Many millions of people. 

Thank YOU so much for helping. OHO was the first to donate to our efforts! I remember the first emails, just a day or two after the storm” 

Love and Gratitude, Ibu Robin and Team Bumi/Wadah Philippines


we need foodsJun Ferreros, Past Senior Assistant Governor, Rotary International District 3860 has also sent a thank you note to Metagenics.

“Thank you for the donation of the Endura Food Bars. Almost all of our pregnant and lactating mothers come from a low economic background with very little funds for any type of medical care. And they have been through the trauma of experiencing the most violent storm ever to make landfall in the world.

Almost all have lost their homes and many have also lost their loved ones in the Level 3 emergency (same classification as the tsunami in Aceh and the earthquake in Haiti) 

The mothers had been left without food for almost a week before the rescuers got to them.

This donation has made a huge difference in many, many lives! And thank you Robin for facilitating this.

Again, thank you for your donation.”

Jun Ferreros

Past Senior Assistant Governor, Rotary International District 3860

As Ibu Robin notes, although this disaster is no longer in the news, it very much continues for those on the ground. To support OHO in its efforts to bring relief to the people of the Philippines please go to our site and make a donation today. Every dollar helps.

Some more images from the typhoon devastated areas:

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