The dedicated team at the Sacred Heart Mission clinic in Victoria and its clients have received a boost with a generous donation of 4 boxes of nutritional supplements from Bioconcepts!

Beginning in 1989, this founding clinic of Hands on Health Australia was established to meet the needs of those on the periphery of poverty in the St Kilda area. Since its humble beginnings the Sacred heart clinic has grown to now operate 5 days a week with 16 reception volunteers and approximately 50 volunteer therapists and students on placement. It offers those in unstable accommodation and on low incomes services such as chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, counselling, optometry, acupuncture and hairdressing: services that they would be unlikely to be able to afford to access within our community.

This supplement from Bioconcepts, containing green tea, turmeric and grape seed extract will greatly assist Sacred Heart clients with the pain and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal conditions. In addition, the anti-oxidant benefits of this supplement will help to alleviate chronic illness, stress and fatigue, ailments that are common in underprivileged communities.

According to Joanne Cody of HOHA, the significance of these donations to the lives of the marginalised cannot be overstated:

‘As volunteer practitioners, we rely completely on the generosity of companies such as Bioconcepts and partnerships such as with One Health Organisation to donate remedies and supplements that we are able to dispense at no cost to our clients… People living in transitional/ temporary accommodation are often under enormous stress. Consequently, the importance of donated supplements cannot be underestimated and the sense of well-being for both their physical & mental health is significant. We are privileged and grateful to be able to offer this to our clients and their gratitude is immense and heart felt.’

Thank you to all the volunteers at Sacred Heart Mission clinic for their hard work and dedication, and to Bioconcepts for their generosity!