Our Collaborative Partner Happy Herb Company has kindly donated $5000 towards the Gunawirra project from their Maroochydore and Noosa shops.

The project is aimed at young children learning about nutrition, health and culture via a Happy Herb Company funded initiative with OHO and Gunawirra.

$5000 will go a long way in creating a full term nutritional training to 6 teachers on the value of traditional dietary practices with additional instruction by elders, and follow up on ‘mums cooking classes’.

Here are some fun activities undertaken by the project where this generous grant of $5000 will be used:

1. Training the teachers to use the program. Learning about the danger of germs and how important it is to wash hands befo2. Shopping. Taking kids down to local green grocers to help them learn to identify healthy foods.

3. Cooking together. Cooking is a great way to learn about food and preparing meals. Kids enjoy their parents and elders being part of their preschool.

4. Picking fresh food up from garden or bush tucker and using it to cook. Not only does this activity connect students to nature and to each other. It also supports active learning and development of lifelong skills, encourages outdoor recreation, develops self-esteem and pride in personal achievements and effort.

5. Dreamtime stories. Bringing the community together and demonstrating the significance of traditional stories.

6. Food pyramid. Learning about food pyramid and creating a chart with Aboriginal symbols in 3D.

A big thanks to the Happy Herb Company. We will keep you updated on how the project is progressing.