The Mackay Happy Herb Shop has just created a $5000 OHO community HELP grant.  It will support the Healthy Life program created by the Gunawirra project, assisting disadvantaged children (3-6 years) in aboriginal communities to learn about nutrition and healthy living.

The funds will go a long way in helping the Gunawirra project in educating children and their families in many communities in NSW on the importance of eating and living well.

Among other things, the donation will be used to develop small gardens where kids can grow their own fresh veggies. They are also taken on excursions to local shops to see how food is stored and transported.

The program involves a visit from an aboriginal artist and cultural graduate to tell stories from the dream time about health, and food and engages the children in painting and drawing. Cooking days are also organized for mums where they learn about cooking healthy meals for their families.

OHO would like to thank the Mackay Happy Herb Shop for their ongoing support in facilitating this unique project. We will keep you updated on its progress.