For many asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, a harrowing journey to escape from torture and trauma was just the beginning of a quest to achieve physical and mental well-being. Bioconcepts, OHO and the World Wellness Group have combined to assist these people towards greater health.
The acupuncture community pain clinic of our collaborative World Wellness Group (WWG) project has received a kind-hearted donation of nutritional tablets from Bioconcepts. Receiving mainly refugees and asylum seekers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, the clinic aims to alleviate their suffering of mental illness and physical injury. Using a community method, the clients receive their treatment together, listen to relaxing music and are able to chat creating a greater sense of human connection.

This delivery of anti-oxidant goodness will complement this treatment, providing relief to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. As Mark Vanniekerk, a Chinese medicine practitioner from the WWG clinic points out;

“Donations such as anti-oxidant supplements help provide additional support to the acupuncture treatment that we provide, helping to reduce oxidative stress, aiding our treatment in reducing pain and improve the ability to function day to day.”

Further to this, the level of support from Bioconcepts, OHO and WWG offers clients hope that pain suffered uninterrupted for a number of years may improve. Perhaps most importantly though, it creates an environment where those seeking refuge in Australia feel safe and nurtured. That despite the government’s attitude towards asylum seekers, there are individuals and businesses within the Australian community willing to assist people, of any race, in genuine need of help.