In December last year Amanda Wimetal and a group of dedicated healthcare professionals, having witnessed an increase in debilitating musculoskeletal injury, kick started a pilot training program dedicated to relieving pain in the communities of East Timor.

The program assisted healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, midwives, and occupational therapists in learning fundamental techniques to provide pain relief for a variety of common musculoskeletal conditions. In addition, it also trained health carers to educate patients in self-treatment techniques, providing vital assistance with pain management in between visits to a clinical facility.

The new graduates of HOHA STTEP

Thanks to the Hands on Health Australia (HOHA) training program, the new graduates are now helping improve the health and wellbeing of many East Timorese who had come to accept that living with pain was just a ‘way of life’.

Aurea, along with 5 other graduates, completed the first training program of its kind in East Timor run by HOHA and supported by Sydney Essential Oil Company, as a part of OHO’s social enterprise scheme initiative. Aurea, is already using her new skills at a Dili clinic, treating people for stroke and clubfoot. According to her clients, treatment with massage oils greatly improved their quality of rest and sleep.

OHO is proud to be able to assist this unique project committed to granting a healthier, happier future to the East Timorese. Find out more about this project here.