The following inspiring statement was sent to me some years after working with a 17yr old woman with a heroine addiction attending our Youth in Crisis project in Sydney’s Kings Cross region. She looked up my details via OHO’s website so that she could let me know she was now clean, and working as a youth counsellor.

“I am not sure how my life finally changed for the
better. I spent so many years struggling to keep my
head above water. I was drowning and at times I
seriously considered stopping the fight and letting the
tide take me under. But I always had this flame inside
me. A voice whispering never give up. My guardian
angel was holding me, giving me hope. Now I don’t
feel like I am fighting. Something clicked and my life
stopped being a painful effort. Now life is so good.
There is so much to see, to achieve and to learn. Now
when I wake up it is with a smile. The world holds so
much beauty! What an awful waste it would have been
to let myself drown. Thankyou for helping me in my
darker days.”


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