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You want to be part of positive global change - That's where we come inOur world seems to be growing in two opposite directions at once – increasingly fragmented on the one hand, increasingly connected on the other. In an age where humanity has developed unprecedented capabilities for both destructive competition and symbiotic cooperation, the concept of global citizenship has never been more relevant.

Viewed together, the myriad of planetary crises we face is daunting. So much so, that at times it can cause us to forget that we are now bearing witness to the emergence of something extraordinary – a civic movement that is larger in scale and more profound in motive than anything that has yet occurred in history.

Individuals are realising that pursuing material self-interest at others’ expense doesn’t ultimately make sense. Governments are realising that policy must be formed through an integrative approach. Charities are realising that their task is to empower rather than create dependence. And multinational corporations are realising that the bottom line has to include human and environmental costs.

The wave is building, ready to break on the shore of our collective yearning for a brighter future. Now all of us are called upon – as individuals, as men and women of integrity – to express and enact our aspirations for an ethical culture. It is for this that our generation will be remembered. For this is the age of social innovation, and we are its standard bearers.

Our obligations now stretch beyond local, provincial, or national boundaries. We carry a responsibility towards every other person on Earth, towards the broader ecology of which each of us is a part, and towards generations that are yet to be born.

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One Health Global Citizens is a program aimed at providing individuals with the means to cut through the sense of overwhelm and dis-empowerment that so often hold many of us back from contributing to the changes we want to bring about in the world. It consists of 5 simple actions that are designed to make it easy for anyone to take a significant and active role in positive social transformation, no matter what particular aspect of cultural change it is that lights you up.

Each of the 5 actions are based on a core value that relates specifically to a different area of your life. All entail a pledge for real-world action, along with a corresponding optional ‘deep dive’ that is designed to assist you in both articulating your own vision for a brighter world and enacting it through your unique gifts and skills.

Being a global citizen means responding to the call of your own conscience; it means undertaking a path of self-inquiry to discover and embody your deepest hope for the world; it means, essentially, taking an active role in your own well-being and that of the planet.

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How it works

Participation in the Global Citizens program occurs through an online platform which is currently being developed.
The program consists of the following 5 actions which are informed by One Health Organisation’s holistic social innovation model, and functions in conjunction with our other initiatives (aimed at industry, government, and the non-profit sector) as we work to achieve our goal of ‘Health For All’:



Action 1: Step Up


  • Sign OHO’s Universal Duty of Care declaration [COMING SOON]
    UDOC asserts your connection and responsibility towards every other person on Earth, towards the ecosystems that all life depends on, and towards generations that are yet to be born.


“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”


Core value: Holism
Goal: Systemic Change

READ MORE: http://onehealth.development-sandbox.com/global-citizen/



  • Take the OHO Social Wellness Index questionnaire
    to discover which aspect of positive change most lights you up, and where your greatest challenge lies.
  • We help you to align your own unique gift and values to your personal mission.
  • Updates and straightforward guidelines on advocacy, lobbying, & activism.



Action 2: Share Wealth


  • Invest in the causes you’re passionate about
    Pledge to invest a percentage of your income into positive causes that inspire you.
    Choose to donate to OHO, one of our partner organisations, or any cause of your choice.


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”


Core value: Equality
Goal: Healthy Culture

READ MORE: http://onehealth.development-sandbox.com/social-health/



  • Use our wealth percentile calculator to evaluate your economic status relative to the rest of the world’s population.
  • Updates and straightforward guidelines on ethical consumption, social enterprise, the positive health effects of increased economic equality, and alternative economic models such as Gross National Happiness.




Action 3: Get Involved


  • Do what inspires you
    Pledge to spend a number of hours per year volunteering your skills for a positive organisation or campaign that really lights you up.
    Passionate individuals are always in demand. Register your details with OHO’s volunteer database to receive regular notifications of amazing volunteer opportunities, or join with an initiative in your area.


“You cannot sincerely help another, without helping yourself.”


Core value: Community
Goal: Healthy Communities

READ MORE: http://onehealth.development-sandbox.com/participation-the-gift-of-time/



  • Updates and straightforward guidelines on volunteering, community organisations, time management, the open-source movement, and innovative community initiatives.




Action 4: Step Lightly


  • Green your lifestyle & reduce your footprint
    Measure your ecological footprint and pledge to reduce it.
    Use our online calculator to determine the impact your lifestyle has on the Earth, and learn about simple ways to live more sustainably.


“There can be no truly healthy person on a sick planet.”


Core value: Sustainability
Goal: Healthy Ecology

READ MORE: http://onehealth.development-sandbox.com/stepping-lightly-planetary-health/ 



  • Updates and straightforward guidelines on ecological living, including permaculture, the Transition Movement, locavorism, and the Happy Planet Index.




Action 5: Venture Forth


  • Connect with others
    Become a fully fledged ‘Human Venture’ by participating with others in an embodiment of your vision for a better world.
    This action is all about social participation and involves starting, joining or transforming an organisation or business.


“The future depends on what you do today.”


Core value: Social Participation
Goal: Healthy Structures



  • Updates and straightforward guidelines on the world of changemaking, social innovation, social enterprise, and social intrapreneurship.