In the wake of the recent events in Japan OHO has been contacted by a wide range of healthcare workers and related businesses seeking to offer assistance.

The Japanese Government has explicitly stated however that:

“Search and Rescue operation phase still continues in the affected areas at this moment and the access to those areas is strictly limited to rescue workers. It is also reported that there is temporary shortage of petrol in the affected area. International/foreign NGOs are recommended to wait until the situation improves so that those NGOs are able to conduct their activities in a self-sustainable way”.

How to help:

For now the best way to support the people of Japan is by donating to organisations involved in emergency response operations. These organisations include, but are not limited to:

As a part of our commitment to the UN Department of Public Information, OHO has also attached the latest UN Situation Report on the Japanese emergency for those seeking more detailed information.

Please click here to download a summary report of crisis status information.

One Health Organisation will continue to keep you updated on volunteering opportunities and outcomes as the emergency response process continues.

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