Turning workplace massage into free holistic health care for disadvantaged youth may seem a challenge, but Joining Hands is a corporate massage service that is managing to do just that. Set up as a social enterprise, all of the net profits of the business are reinvested into Joining Hands’ Give Back program. With every five paid hours of treatments currently converting to one hour of free treatment for the people who need it most, and through their Give Back program, they offered 341 free holistic health treatments last year to homeless youth in the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

Joining Hands offers corporate massage services, mindfulness workshops, and individual treatments, and runs annual health retreats as part of their business operations, but nearly a quarter of their annual turnover ends up supporting the community. “Our social mission is for vulnerable and homeless youth to have access to free holistic health services such as massage, bowen therapy, mindfulness, yoga and dance,” says Kylie Lowe, the Joining Hands founder. The magic of this kind of health service isn’t only that it can offer dramatic improvements in physical and mental wellbeing for the young people accessing it, but also that the feeling of being cared for by the wider community, the knowledge that even the local businesses are doing their bit to support them, means the world to young people who have seen the harder edge of life. This support empowers them to get out into the world and make a better life.

What’s more, businesses can not only benefit from the proven increase in workplace productivity and engagement that corporate massage offers, but also feel proud to be supporting their local community.
Now in its third year of operation, Kylie is confident that the word about their unique and inspiring service is getting out to the broader business community, and that it is only up from here!

For more information about Joining Hands, check out their website: www.joininghands.com.au