Our partners on the Gunawirra Project continue to make The Happy herb Company and OHO smile with heart warming updates from the schools around Australia that are supported by the program. This time they have brought us wonderful news and photos from Little Yuin- a preschool, located on the Far South Coast of NSW in a small Aboriginal community which recently received funding via The Happy Herb Company’s social enterprise program with OHO.

The community of Little Yuin has many problems related to unemployment. Little Yuin preschool provides an oasis of respite and care for the little children. The Gunawirra Project has been assissting the school for many years.

Through the generous grants from the Happy Herb Shop, The Gunwaira project has been able to develop a vegetable garden and a bush tucker garden in Little Yuin to educate and inspire the students to become interested in healthy eating and understand where their food comes from. Many parents, some who have never had a job, proudly assisted in putting the gardens together, which helped foster community spirit and pride. The school also hosts the community barbecues each term to involve the families in the program.

The grant has also been used to install solar panels on the school roof to reduce power bills and rainwater tanks to conserve water.

The team will be very busy in coming months, with a number of projects in the pipeline including launching a community cookbook with recipes from elders to help parents learn to cook inexpensive and healthy meals for their children.

Little Yuin welcomes children from ages 2-5 years. Unfortunately due to a cut in government funding for two year old, the school is facing an imminent financial challenge. Hence, it becomes all the more important to support the school through the Gunawirra project.

OHO is proud to be a part of this unique project that caters for aboriginal children and families who would otherwise not be able to access mainstream services due to financial constraints.