Selfie sticks and Burberry may earn the ire of Christine Lee but her real passion remains at the pointy end of health delivery for the disadvantaged.

With sleeping babe in arms, Christine recently managed to squeeze in a chat with One Health. As the director of Prickle community acupuncture, along with dealing with the demands of a newborn, there’s very little room for extracurricular activities “I can’t remember what I did when I had spare time!” she says, “Maybe soccer or Yoga? Definitely sleep!”

Returning from abroad after studying Chinese Medicine, Christine recognised there was greater scope to administer this practice in Australia:

“We wanted to make acupuncture and Chinese Medicine accessible to all members of the community.”

As a result, 80% of Prickle’s clients are low income earners including the elderly, students, the unemployed, people with disabilities and asylum seekers. Christine’s dedication to improving the health of others has also proved personally beneficial,“I’ve grown up professionally with Prickle and I see a lot of patients so it was a good training ground to develop my skills. People with long term health problems pose both a greater challenge and indeed a greater reward. It’s really satisfying to make a change in people’s lives”.

Whilst Prickle may be fulfilling, there are other things in the world that Christine finds unsatisfactory. When asked what the world would be better off without, she vehemently replies “Selfie sticks and Burberry”.  Now selfie sticks seems understandable, but a fashion label?

“They’ve taken tartan which is something that was passionate and steeped in history and turned it into something so bland and beige!”

It is also this connection to clan and family that arouses one of Christine’s greatest inspirations.  Fellow Victorian, Rosie Batty, lost a son to domestic violence and within a year, had established a foundation to support other families in similar circumstances. Rosie’s story stirred a nation and Christine was no exception,

“I was deeply touched by her ability to overcome such a tragedy, not in a trite or desperate way but having the strength to acknowledge tragedy and to make something positive out of it. She’s just incredible.”

Christine herself though, in developing Prickle, is also an inspiration to us here at One Health! Along with the whole team at Prickle, her mission to provide health assistance to the most vulnerable in the community is precisely the type of operation we are proud to support.