In April this year Mykids representatives commenced the noble task of distributing ‘Shake-it’ protein supplement containers to displaced children in the north of Myanmar. Kindly donated by Metagenics, a small portion has already begun to meet the needs of these desperate kids while the majority of this wonderful product is currently awaiting shipment to Myanmar. According to Mykid’s Tammy Soovere ,‘This protein supplement can provide essential nutrition that this centre, and centres like it, could otherwise not afford. So on behalf of these children and MyKids Australia we thank Metagenics for their generous donation.’

Once the full shipment hits the ground it will be distributed to over 28 youth development centres and will go to aid over 600 impoverished children. This protein supplement is an ideal addition to the scant nutrient intake of the children as regrettably most protein sources are expensive and a rare commodity. Each serve of protein helps support the children’s immune system giving them a fighting chance to combat illness.

Staving off disease is instrumental in helping the impoverished children of Myanmar to become educated, healthy young people who can go on to change their circumstances and their nation.

Centres like Andrew Youth Development Centre, Yangon and the other 27 centres rely almost solely on the generous donations of others. Without it most of the children fall well below the poverty line which compromises a promising future.