A massive 1.5 Metric Tonnes of Nutritional Bars have been delivered to Australia’s homeless and hard up thanks to a series of generous donations from Metagenics over the last 2 years. To help get a sense of what this means, it’s the same weight as a fully mature Black Rhino! Valued at approximately $120 000, these nutrient rich bars will assist with the rising tide of malnutrition OHO has observed in homeless persons due to old fashioned soup kitchens being inundated with donations of fast food surpluses.

The latest instalment of 10 000 bars is the biggest to date and brings the total amount of Nutritional Bars donated to 22 200, all of which have been distributed by the Salvation Army. OHO first commenced its Kings Cross nutritional outreach program with the Salvation Army in 2005 and since then no less than 42 community centres across the country have received donations of nutritional supplements including rural centres in the Australian outback such as Mt Isa.

This powerful partnership between the wellness industry and the community sector really is creating an army of wellness, watch this space to see where how the story unfolds from here.


Donation Details & Dates:

7200 bars in June 2011 –  Valued at $45K

1000 bars in Jan 2012   – Valued at $5K

4000 bars in June 2012 –  Valued at $20K

10 000 Dec 2012 – Valued at $50K   


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