“Dr Jimi Wollumbin’s latest workshop on social innovation taught extremely interesting and insightful brainstorming technics for social entrepreneurs. His suggestion that community projects could make use of corporate methods to identify strength/weaknesses, opportunities/challenges for ethical business has been a major key component in helping to fulfill real needs and collaborate with obvious but yet unidentified partners”. Olivier Marcolin

Olivier Marcolin is currently working on the GaiaGanda project:

‘Our common vision is one of a Self Sustaining Autonomous Movement, benifiting the Whole: applied through the interplay of artistic performances and gatherings thus disseminating information through practical workshops and conferences on topics as varied as: Responsible agriculture, waste management, recycling, independent media, eco-construction, renewable energies, alternative medicines and educational choices…

We see ourselves as a movement from the inside out! The last 6 years, we have taken part in community project and initiatives in France and collaborated with a number of organisations on global and local solutions’.

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