A recent traumatic episode in Mrs G’s life left her with little function over parts of her body.  Once again, the Sydney Essential Oil Company, One Health Organisation and Hands on Health Australia have joined forces to offer relief for Mrs G and many more like her.

Our HOHA collaborative project’s clinic in Norlane has put to great use a timely donation of oils from SEOC. Situated in an empty corner of the Uniting church hall in Norlane, the clinic offers ancillary health care including acupuncture, naturopathy, Bowen therapy and reflexology to those with little money to spare for health care.

The majority of these clients come from an area of Geelong considered one of the most socially and economically disadvantaged in Australia.

In addition, HOHA –Norlane are also treating refugees in increasing numbers who are suffering the physical and mental impacts from both the experience of detention camps and escaping conflict itself.

Old and new Australians alike, however, have reported marked improvements to their health from the clinic’s treatments and use of essential oils – none more so than Mrs G.  Severe shock from a traumatic event resulted in pain and weakness in the entire left hand side of her body. Despite no medical evidence of stroke or nerve compressions, her pain persisted, so she turned to the clinic for help. With a combination of the essential oils Lavender (for relaxation), Basil and Rosemary (for muscle function) and Eucalyptus (immune boosting), along with some reflexology,  Mrs G reported a return to normal left sided function three to four days after the treatment.

Witnessing the administration of the donation first hand, resident reflexologist Bryan O’Neill  can attest to its positive impact;

“Since I have been using the Essential Oils kindly donated by the Sydney Essential Oils Company, I have seen much deeper relaxation responses amongst the clients and their feedback has been very encouraging.”

The feet are an excellent entry point for the oils, and I have been using a profusion technique to get the oils into the bloodstream very quickly, which has enhanced my treatments enormously.

Well done to Bryan and his devoted team at HoHA Norlane spreading the love to those doing it tough.