Benjamin began his career in television, working for British Sky Broadcasting and MTV Networks Europe, before returning to Australia to pursue a career in advertising and media. He has held senior positions in some of Australia’s largest media agencies and most influential brand strategy houses, before turning his attention to Ayurvedic Medicine and OHO. As Head of Social Enterprise for OHO, he is passionate about the potential for ‘good business’ to transform the world.

What experiences have taught you the most? Travelling the globe – nothing creates perspective like seeing the way other people are living right now

What is your tragic flaw? A chronic sweet tooth…

What is your favourite thing about humanity? Hope and compassion What’s your favourite word (in any language)? Dharma – it means to find one’s purpose or passion and build a life around it

If humanity could download a quality, skill or talent (matrix style), what should it be? Language – it has the potential to unite and divide us How about a working definition of happiness? How about a combination of contentment and ambition?