As part of its involvement in OHO’s Social Enterprise Scheme, the Sydney Essential Oil Company (SEOC) recently custom designed a Community Essential Oil Kit. The kits contain a set of essential oils that address a wide range of commonly encountered community health issues such as boosting immunity and helping with insomnia.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.21.48 PMOHO has been working with Salvation Army to support Youth in Crisis program since 2006. Through OHO, SEOC recently made a donation of Community Essential Oil Kits to the Salvation Army’s Oasis Youth Support Network.

The network wrote a letter of thanks to SEOC and OHO to show their appreciation for the donation. Here is an excerpt from the letter.

“ Many of our young people suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia. By providing your oils our young people will be offered some reprieve and they are thankful for such a kind donation. We also have a few young mums-to-be who were thrilled with your donation and grateful to be supplied with the oil for their own personal use.

To give you a little insight into the difference that your support is helping us to make in many valuable lives daily, we’ve shared with you Jessica’s* story;

A young female named Jessica came to Oasis in winter a few years ago. She came searching for refuge after spending many weeks sleeping on trains; somewhere to get out of the cold winter nights. Jessica was offered a bed in our Crisis Accommodation, and so began her journey to write herself a new story.

Once engaged in Oasis services, Jessica decided to enroll in the on-site Oasis School as she had not yet completed her Higher School Certificate. Excelling in her Year 10 studies, she continued to study in the following year and began her Year 11 studies. Over this time, Jessica was offered a one-bedroom unit in Oasis’ Transitional Accommodation program, providing stable accommodation while still a level of support, where Jessica could continue her studies as well as participate in case management.

Through working with Oasis, Jessica developed the skills to live independently and in late last year moved into her own private rental property, where she currently lives within the community while continuing regular case management with Oasis and working towards achieving her Higher School Certificate.

On behalf of our young people and dedicated staff, we express our deepest appreciation to you and thank you again – your support is incredibly valuable to us and we certainly do not take it for granted.”

*Name changed to protect privacy.