Social Enterprise: business that makes dollars and sense

“We take businesses through a process of becoming truly mission-driven. Our model is not about charity; it’s about profit-for-purpose. Deep social engagement has now become a necessary part of doing business. It also turns out to be the most rewarding part.” Dr Jimi Wollumbin, CEO, One Health Organisation

In addition to its community projects, OHO has sought market based solutions to social needs since its inception in 2005. This commenced with corporate wellness programs that simply generated funds to support community wellness programs. Along the way we realised both the inescapable need and the incredible potential for engaging business more deeply in the work of social innovation.

In response we created a proprietary framework called the Social Enterprise Scheme. It allows organisations to play a more meaningful role within the community, by incorporating a greater level of social responsibility within their existing business model. The Social Enterprise Scheme has been developed to easily and seamlessly facilitate ‘ethical evolution’ within an organisation, allowing businesses to effectively compete in an emerging commercial landscape, where brands require a unique functional, emotional and ethical proposition.

The Social Enterprise Scheme 5 Star System.

Based on a non-linear ‘5 star’ system, participating businesses proceed at their own pace, choosing from the following five basic categories of involvement:

Financial Contribution

Financial contributions to help fund the various activities and services provided by One Health Organisation via our ‘Collaborative Partnerships Program’.

Product and Services Contribution

Providing product and/ or service donations.

Time and Resource Contribution

Taking part in company fundraising campaigns, staff volunteering programs, or work place giving schemes.

Community Contribution

Long term company sponsored projects that enact and realize the businesses social mission and core values.

Annual Profit Contribution

An additional 1% percent logo is reserved for businesses that have shown a deep commitment to the social enterprise model, and joined the ‘per-cent club’, donating one percent of their gross annual before tax profit.

All participating businesses receive usage rights of the official One Health Organisation Business Partner logo for utilisation across marketing assets, and are listed in the annual Directory Of Social Enterprise (D.O.S.E), published nationally.

Strong statistical evidence suggests that brand preference amongst consumers is increasingly weighted towards brands that demonstrate a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

83% of shoppers want more products, services and retailers they use to support causes. The Cone Cause Evolution Study 2010

As more and more businesses adapt to this evolution within the economic and social landscape, it is clear that a demonstrated commitment to CSR is of increasing importance, and value. Since it’s inception, our Social Enterprise Scheme has continued to find diverse and unique ways to utilise the wheels of commerce to drive both financial profits and social profits. These initiatives include:

  • The distribution of over 5 metric tonnes in wellness based healthcare products
  • Senior management skill-share and work exchange programs
  • Call centre volunteer programs during off peak times
  • Company designed community HELP Grants
  • In house print-service donations for HR and team building
  • Community Scholarship Programs
  • The creation of new product lines
  • Allocating a full 1% of the company’s before tax profits to achieving its social targets

Graeme Joiner, Director of Sales and Marketing, Healthworld Ltd says –

“My advice to others looking to take part in a similar program is to ask yourself if it is true to your mission; Our mission statement drives what we do, every decision we make, every day and that fits with our support of One Health.”

S Barlow, General Manager, The Happy Herb Company says –

“When our company decided to transition to a ‘profit-for-purpose’ company we wanted to demonstrate clearly that we are genuinely committed to making a difference in our communities. It is incredibly satisfying to be involved in community health initiatives, and our franchisees and employees are all proud of their company and feel like the work they are doing is making a difference in the world.”

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