Birthing in a Disaster Zone: Ground Zero in The Philippines

Nearly two years since cyclone Haiyan ravaged the islands of The Philippines, a generous batch of essential oils is making a direct impact in the lives of long-suffering local mothers. Our intrepid Bumi Wadah Collaborative Project continues…

Birthing Healthy Babies in South East Asia

Dealing with the critical moments of childbirth on a daily basis has not been without heartbreak for Robin Lim’s team at Bumi Sehat: limited funds, natural disasters and an overwhelming work load definitely take their toll. So how does this…

Essential Oils Provide Essential Relief for Mums-to-Be!

Bumi Sehat brings comfort to woman in labour with the soothing scent of essential oils.
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Six Months Since Typhoon Haiyan – an Update

An update on OHO and Bumi Sehat foundation's assistance to communities affected by Typhoon Haiyan .