Acupuncture for All – A Social Enterprise Model

Anahita received a good education and became an accomplished artisan and educator, and imagined she would have a good future in Iran. But war put paid to her plans and she found herself with no choice but to flee for her life. In the cramped…

Indigenous Medicine Enterprise Gets a Production Boost

For Lorraine and others at Purple House, the production of their now-famous bush balm was proving increasingly difficult. That was until an Australian company with a big heart stepped in to lend a hand. Our collaborative project with the…
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Growing Fruits of Labour and Love

Last year Happy Herb Company created a $25,000 grant to help One Health Organisation (OHO) further develop our Collaborative Projects Program (CPP). CPP has had an incredible impact over the last 10 years by ensuring that 21 community health…

The Building Blocks of Education

The Evergreen English boarding school needed furniture for students to focus. OHO and its partners have teamed up to solve this problem.

HOHA Get the Ball Rolling on Timor Training!

The HOHA project gears up for Phase 2 of our massage therapy training collaboration.

MyKids Makes Nutrition Manual for Myanmar!

Happy Herb Company Australia contributes funds to the production of this valuable health-education resource tool